Average Litter Size Ragdoll Cat

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Average Litter Size Ragdoll Cat. The average number of kittens per litter varied from 3.74 to 4.51 (see table 1). How big are ragdoll cats?

Litter of babies fluffycat ragdolls ragdoll kittens
Litter of babies fluffycat ragdolls ragdoll kittens from www.pinterest.com

A fully grown female can be between 8 to 15 pounds, while a male can weigh up to 20 pounds. Male cats have an average height of between 40 and 66 cm, while female cats will have an approximate height of between 38 and 58 cm. The litter box measures 21 inches in length 17 inches in width with a depth of 10 inches.

Robinson’s genetics for cat breeders and veterinarians tells us that ‘statistics kept on pedigree cats indicate that most breeds tend to produce litters of about this size’.

A larger cat must have the next larger size pan, measuring at least 22 long x. These are extremely large cats. Anyone would think that a pet can only be cute when it is small in size. Aspects to consider about the size of ragdoll cats the bigger the size, the more tenderness.